Pheonix Copley Sporting a New Capitals Mask

On March 18, 2017, in News, Photos, by Chocolate Hockey

Saturday night Bears netminder Pheonix Copley debuted a new Washington Capitals-themed mask during warm-ups. The recently acquired goalie joined Hershey less than a month ago from the St. Louis Blues.

Copley, who spent the 2014-15 season with the Bears, had been sporting a blue mask with white and yellow pads since the trade. While the pads will stay the same color for now, the mask has been upgraded to his new team’s colors.

The helmet features the Capitals “Wegal” logo with red and white stripes on the inside of the logo. Lining the outside is a think blue line with stars. The two together make the logo look much like the American flag.

At the chin, the North Pole, Alaska native has his classic Candy Cane logo to pay homage to his hometown.

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