Video: @Capitals and the Monumental Sports Network

In his pregame interview with the Washington media, Garrett Mitchell was visibly emotional. Hershey’s captain was less than 24 hours removed from being told by Bears head coach Troy Mann that he will finally be called up to the NHL after over a half a decade with the Chocolate and White.

“We had just finished playing Toronto and Troy had come in, let everyone know the schedule,” said Mitchell. “He said that Chandler [Stephenson] was going to get called up, and said I’d been waiting six years to get the call. They got a video of it. I’m sure I’ll post it sometime here.”

When the Capitals take on the Florida Panthers Sunday night in DC, Mitchell will be in the line-up. The 25-year-old has spent parts of eight seasons with Hershey and is finally getting the opportunity he’s always dreamed of: a chance to play in the NHL.

Even better for Mitchell will be the fact his parents will be in attendance for the game. Nine days ago, Mitchell’s second daughter was born. His family was flying in to see their new granddaughter but will get another special treat as well. “It’s crazy it just so happened to work out. They flew into Toronto yesterday, and their flight actually got canceled to fly to Harrisburg.

“They explained the situation and they just flew mom and dad right here. Somebody’s watching out for me.”

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